The best exclusive games for XBOX SERIES S|X The best headsets for XBOX SERIES

XBOX SERIES S|X is Microsoft’s next generation console and it has arrived with a lot of promises in the form of very appealing games up its sleeve. Let’s review the most outstanding exclusive titles that have been shown to be released on these consoles.

Halo Infinite

In this new installment of the acclaimed saga of 343 Industries, Master Chief enters an epic adventure against the most ruthless enemy that has ever passed through these screens. Halo Infinite was unveiled in July, but is still awaiting a release date, although Microsoft has already announced that it will be one of the launch games for the Xbox X Series.

Also available for Xbox One and Windows 10, the 4K video features and 60 FPS speed provided by Xbox Series X promise an exceptional end result worthy of the sixth Halo chapter.

As Dusk Falls

In this peculiar narrative adventure by Interior/Night, we will find an interactive drama based on the story of two American families, whose paths accidentally cross in 1999 in the middle of the Arizona desert: this encounter will change their lives forever.

Still without an official release date, this adventure gives the player the chance to enter the story as a member of the story, through real-life situations. In the words of the director of Interior/Night, Caroline Marchal,“we can grow as people thanks to empathy“, as the user is invited to identify with the characters in the game


When the now defunct Lionhead Studios, creator of the saga, handed over the baton to PlayGround, rumors were rife about the continuation of the story of Fable, one of the most striking RPGs on the Xbox platform.

The developer of Forza Horizon 4 is in charge of bringing us this first-person action Role Playing Game. At the moment, although it is only documented by a brief official trailer, we can guess a story that takes place in a world full of fantastic creatures, and where magic and fantasy oozes wherever the player looks.

Senua’s Saga: HELLBLADE II

The sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, which is being developed, as expected, by Ninja Theory, is also pending an official date: the second installment of Senua’s adventures will take place in Iceland, and will transport the player to a world where the human mind is dissected and psychosis will be the main protagonist of the storyline

It should also be noted that several members of the Ninja Theory team traveled to Iceland to better adapt the story to the environment. This title will incorporate Epic Games’ graphic engine, Unreal Engine 5, compatible with the current generation of consoles and destined to become a standard for the future


This title recovers the style of first-person classics such as Wolfenstein or Doom, and adapts them to the current graphic possibilities: equipped with a 4K resolution and 60 FPS. Although a release date has not been specified, Ebb Software has set 2021 as a target date.

The game’s action takes place in gloomy scenarios that mix horror and gore in equal parts, highlighting the fragility of the character and the high number of visual details that appear on screen. On this occasion, it is not a matter of simply passing to the next level with a gun, but strategy comes into play.

The Medium

Fans of the horror genre can look forward to the release of The Medium, by Bloober Team, which is expected before the end of this year.

In this title, the player assumes the role of a medium who lives, at the same time, in the real world and in a spiritual world… with the gloomy consequences of being in contact with the world of the dead. The soundtrack will be one of the most attractive points of the game, as it will feature the participation of Silent Hill‘s composer, Akira Yamaoka.

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