The best XBOX ONE Games

Xbox One was launched in 2013 and since then the company has been releasing some exclusive games and others from third parties to have a more than competitive console capable of standing up to anyone.

In this list we are going to know the best exclusive games of the platform and others that have earned a place in this list on their own merits.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Genre: Action / Metroidvania

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a great metroidvaniagame in which we embody Ori in a world full of creatures, some of them are enemies and through which we will make our way to find our traveling companion.

This is one of the essential games of XBOX ONE, not only because of how beautiful it is, but also because of how well it is, how satisfying its controls are and for the piece of graphic section that will leave you with your mouth open.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Genre: RPG / Open World

Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of the year. This RPG with futuristic aesthetics allows us to freely roam Night City, the city where the story takes place while we perform missions and modify our character (called V).

The strong point of this game is found in its narrative, both the main story missions and the secondary ones offer us several possibilities when making decisions in the game that are reflected in the plot. Despite being a role-playing game, we also have plenty of moments of action in the purest shooter style.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, despite being an incredible game graphically, its launch has been accompanied by a large number of bugs and performance problems, which are already being patched but have tarnished the launch of the title.

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

Genre: Sports / Skate

Experience the extreme thrill of skateboarding with the first two installments of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in an exclusive pack, which includes four postcards with skater information and three vinyl stickers: you will skate as the real Tony Hawk in incredible and iconic scenarios, and you will face other skaters to the rhythm of a soundtrack that has marked an entire era.

Within the game, both the local modes of 2 players and the original modes are allowed; in addition, you will be able to bring out all your boldness and creativity by means of parks and customized skaters. It also supports an online game mode, with a multiplayer leaderboard and several multiplayer modes.

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Jedi Fallen Order

Genre: Adventure / Action

Jedi Fallen Order is a game that Star Wars fans are celebrating in style.

After Battlefront, finally comes a game that focuses on a single-player story set in the franchise universe.

It is a third-person action title full of good ideas and spectacular scenarios, with intense combat, especially against the final bosses.

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Hellblade – Senua’s sacrifice

Genre: Adventure / Action

Hellblade is a special title, we put ourselves in the shoes of Senua, an outcast of a tribe suffering from schizophrenia.

In a dark atmosphere this game conveys the feelings of overwhelm typical of this disease. We have to make our way through mysteries, puzzles in the environment and combat in a very interesting adventure with an outstanding graphics.

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Forza Horizon 4

Genre: Racing

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the flagship titles for XBOX One, of course exclusive to the platform. It’s a racing game that is a graphical spectacle, with plenty of challenges, cars and scenarios where to push your reflexes to the limit behind the wheel.

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Crackdown 3

Genre: Action

Crackdown 3 is an XBOX One exclusive title in which we will live an open world action story in which several criminal organizations are doing their thing on the island of New Providence.

We will have to restore peace to the area based on gunfire, explosions and frenetic action. The direct action and without too many detours is the main virtue of this title.

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Gears 5

Genre: Shooter

Gears 5 is the fifth installment of the famous and successful saga Gears of War, exclusive of XBOX. This is the most solid and polished installment of the entire series, which brings together all the virtues of the previous installments and incorporates some new ones such as open world areas.

It is a frantic 3rd person shooter game, fun and with a lot of content that also in the graphic section will leave you speechless, so if you are interested in the genre and have an XBOX, this is a safe bet.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Genre: Stealth

This game was one of the games that started the generation, where Hideo Kojima ends his career at Konami demonstrating that he is one of the leaders in stealth games.

In the hand of Metal Gear Solid V, we will be able to assault enemy camps measuring our steps well and finding the holes to infiltrate enemy bases.

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The Division 2

Genre: Shooter

The Division 2 is a third-person shooter that improves everything seen in his previous installment.

This time we find a very successful gameplay, a role-playing title and shooting in a war for Washington. The title has a cooperative mode that is currently one of the best options to live an adventure with other players.

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Halo 5

Genre: Shooter

Microsoft’s most veteran and flagship title has been, is and (for the time being) will be Halo.

Halo 5 is a title that every Xbox One player should play, with a very good story mode campaign, graphics that raise the bar a couple of notches and the acclaimed multiplayer mode for the most hardcore.

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Genre: Sports

FIFA 20 is the delivery with the most polished mechanics of the entire generation, bringing the new Volta Football mode that gives a fresh air to the saga that comes to him that neither painted, since by other aspects it can be a little continuist this delivery.

The game of the beautiful game, with all licensed teams, as well as their stadiums and modes online and offline play is a safe bet for fans of the genre, we are facing the champion sports game by definition.

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The Witcher 3

Genre: Story / Action

Here we are in front of one of the best titles of the generation.

It is no coincidence that The Witcher 3 won the award for Best Game of the Year in 2015, offering us a fantasy story, in which we will find missions and adventures along with incredible characters and a gameplay that gives the stature to stick us to the control a good amount of hours.

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Assasin’s Creed Odyssey

Genre: Story / Action

Assasin’s Creed Odyssey is a great role-playing and action adventure that takes place in an open world, with a spectacular setting inspired by the Greece of 431 BC.

This game has a stunning graphic section, one of the best and most beautiful of the generation, where we will find a good handful of missions to complete in a gigantic map to get lost in.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake

Genre: Stealth / Horror

Finally I have left this title that is neither more nor less than a piece Remake with all the law of our beloved Resident Evil 2.

The facelift of the game is impressive, and now yes, we can live this zombie adventure in the best of ways. An exciting title with stunning graphics and exquisite gameplay, in which you will live an essential story for fans of the genre.

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