The must-have XBOX ONE Accessories

In this guide we are going to go over some of the best XBOX ONE accessories to get the most out of our console and have the best experience with these small additions to our device.

Rechargeable battery for the controller + Charging Station

One of the disadvantages of the Xbox One controller is that it comes with batteries, so you have to shell out every time they run out.

To remedy this, I bring you a series of USB batteries and charging stations so that your controller becomes rechargeable and you can also have it charging like any other decorative ornament in your room.

External Hard Drive for XBOX ONE

XBOX ONE, both S and X, has a maximum capacity of 1Tb, something that for many gamers falls short. To avoid having to juggle with the memory of our console, a good option is to purchase an external hard drive.

For the XBOX ONE any hard drive that meets the following requirements can serve us, these requirements are:

  • Capacity of 256 Gb or higher.
  • USB 3.0 port

XBOX ONE Headset

For a more immersive experience or just to have better audio when playing online games one of the best XBOX ONE headsets always come in handy. There are plenty of options to fit every gamer’s pocket.

Grip for the controller

The grip make our controller a personalized controller, with drawings and colors according to our personality and also prevent us from slipping thanks to a non-slip rubber surface, so if you are a hardcore gamer you can not overlook this accessory for your controller.



If you’re a multiplayer shooter lover, this device is sure not to go unnoticed. With the XBOX One Mod Pack, we can turn our gamepad into a real competitive controller with its two rear levers.

These levers allow us to perform any action of another button without having to lift our thumbs from the joysticks, such as jumping or crouching, which increases our ability to do any action while aiming.

In addition, these levers are remappable by any button on the controller, an advantage that many competitive controllers do not have, as they usually come with a default mapped button and this cannot be modified.

Another advantage of this device is that it is as simple as connecting it through the USB slot of our controller and ready. It also incorporates several optional modes such as rapid fire, auto run and features that make some in-game actions faster.

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Adapter to connect headphones

Headphone adapter

At the launch of the console an adapter was necessary to connect the headphones to our controller, as the first XBOX ONE controllers did not include mini-jack input. This was solved with the new generation of Microsoft controllers that incorporated the mini-jack input.

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Joystick Grips

The grips for the joysticks allow us to have different heights, this is very useful especially in multiplayer shooter games. In addition there are also different openings; concave and convex, so with these grips we will find the most comfortable position for our thumbs.

Console and game console stand

With these stands we give a touch of style to our console and games, turning them into a nice decorative object in addition to our favorite way of entertainment.

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