The best PS5 Controllers

PS5 is here, and it has arrived wit new ways to communicate with the games and in this Sony’s new generation a new controller for the PS5 has arrived. A controller with a new aesthetic and new features.

But what exactly is new about the PS5 controller and what technical changes it has in comparision to other controllers from the company?

Which one is the best PS5 controller?

Currently it is very easy to answer this question because we have just one gamepad compatible with PS5 and it is the official one from Sony, but anyway we are going to review the new features of this controller.

DualSense – Official PS5 controller

Connection: Wireless
Battery: 8 hours
Colors: White/black

First of all, the new name of the official PS5 controller is DualSense. Considering that we come from the fourth version of the Dualshock, this could be considered the fifth and defines the last stage of a long journey in which the details have been enhaced.

The design is striking, with a significantly different look from the previous one with a mixture of black and white with blue colors, the brand’s hallmark.

Sony has emphasized that they wanted a controller that really felt new but without abandoning everything that made the DualShock 4 great.

Another of the big bets of PS5 in this controller, if not the biggest, is to improve immersion in games through the gamepad, and for this they have developed a new vibration system through haptic sensitivity.

With this new technology, Sony gives game developers the ability to modify the resistance of the triggers to make us get right into what is happening on screen, such as feeling the resistance of the brake of a car or the tension of the bowstring when shooting an arrow. They have also slightly changed the angle of rotation of these triggers.

But this haptic response is not limited to the triggers, but the controller has the ability to generate vibration responses from the sound effects of whatever is happening on screen.

In addition to the 3.5 minijack audio connection, there is also a built-in speaker and microphone.

Audio and microphone connection

As for the ergonomics, the engineers have been working together with a lot of gamers with hands of all sizes to get a peripheral easy to use for everyone.

In addition, they have also improved the material of the non-slip grips of the sticks and joysticks.

We can’t forget that the PS4 controller is compatible with the PS5. However, this is just to play PS4 games. In other words, to play the new games it will be necessary to have the PS5 controller, at least for the moment.

It also has a rechargeable battery with USB-C connection, touch screen with LED and, finally, the change of the “Share” button by the “Create” button, with functionalities very similar to those of its predecessor.

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  • Haptic response
  • Improved ergonomics
  • High quality


  • No competition, which is always a good thing/li>


The Dualsense is one of the best controllers we have tested in this holy house, which hopes both for its new way of communicating with players through haptic response and for its improved design and ergonomics. A great controller and so far the best of ps5.

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