PS5 must-have Accessories

The fifth version of PlayStation (PS5), comes with some accessories from Sony: a high-definition camera to capture the player’s image in HD, and a charging station with capacity for two DualSense controllers.

But in addition to these accessories, we will review some others, manufactured by other companies, to get the most out of our console.

Joystick and controller grips

If you are in an online game, face to face in the pvp game against the typical tryhard that makes you sweat, it never hurts to have a grip to prevent the controller from slipping, both for the surface of the controller and for the joystick.

There are also some joystick grips that have different heights to improve aiming accuracy and why not, it is also a way to customize our controller.

PS5 Camera

PS5 camera

The PS5 HD camera features an aesthetic departure from its predecessor: it is more compact, and the distance between the dual 1080p lenses is smaller. Like the PS4 camera, it features an integrated stand for easy placement on the TV, and which allows the angle to be adjusted to adapt the image to the gaming rig.

In conjunction with PS5’s built-in tools, this accessory provides the gamer with the interesting possibility of removing the background (by cropping it or replacing it with a green screen), as well as adding the player’s image to gameplay videos on PlayStation Network.

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Controller charging station

For its part, the charging station is presented to us as a powerful alternative for charging DualSense controllers, as it supports simultaneous charging of two controllers: the most demanding users will appreciate having two additional free USB ports on the console.

Docking, as we can imagine, is as immediate as it is simple: its connectors guarantee optimum performance, just as if they were wired to the console. Power is supplied directly from the mains, through an adapter included in the package.

And as you can imagine, apart from the official PS5 charging station, there are also several third-party options.


In this new generation of consoles Sony has clearly bet on audio, as PS5 includes a 3D audio system. For this reason, we already have available several models of PS5 headphones.

As in the rest of consoles, any headset with mini-jack or Bluetooth connection will serve us to play on our PS5.

Console Plates

The American company Customize My Plates makes available to customization enthusiasts a selection of covers to cover both the PS5 body and the DualSense controllers. They install easily, leave no air bubbles or residue on removal, and confer light protection from scratches or drops.

Although the number of designs available is not very large, these skins are quite competitively priced; apart from the spectacular visual effect they give to the hardware, we can find silicone coatings for the controllers, which provide an improved grip.

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