The best PS4 Games

Below I’m going to list the best PS4 games taking into account different genres, bringing the best of each house and explaining what we are going to find inside, without spoilers, so you can get an idea and buy the game you most want.

We are approaching the end of the current console generation, which allows us to see with perspective which games have stood out the most and why.

Hitman 3

Genre: Stealth

This is the third installment that closes the saga of Agent 47, a stealth game in which we will receive orders from targets that we have to eliminate trying to go as unnoticed as possible.

This last installment closes the story of Hitman and brings us a very interesting level design, with lots of possibilities and freedom of movement to execute the mission in our own way.

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Crash Bandicoot 4

Genre: Platformer

This new installment of the marsupial arrives with an air of irresistible freshness.

This installment is a continuation of the third Crash Bandicoot, with a lot of challenges that will test our ability with the platforms and a new mechanic with the masks, which will give us special powers to complete each level.

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Genre: Survival Adventure / Action

Naughty Dog closes the Playstation 4 generation in style. This game is the continuation of the first story, which is summarized in the first bars of this second part making a small reminder of the main plot of the story.

It is a story of violence that tells us how hatred ends up eating some people inside. It is difficult to summarize this title in a few words, but we can try.

The Last of US part II is a masterpiece. An unforgettable story, written at a level that has rarely been seen in a video game, accompanied by a graphic section that could easily be the TOP of PS4 and an exquisite gameplay.

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Genre: RPG / Open World

The new game from CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077, is already on the market. It is a first-person RPG with a cyberpunk aesthetic in the purest Blade Runner style. In it we will control V (the main character) and we will move around a big city called Night City.

As in any role-playing game, we will have to make certain decisions that mark the course of the story, a tree of skills, levels, crafteo… but the most interesting of this title is the setting and narrative. But not everything is talk, we will also have a lot of fighting and shooting.

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Ghost of Tsushima

Genre: Open World Hack and Slash Adventure

This is one of Sony’s exclusive titles that offers us a very polished formula, with a top-notch graphics and a gameplay focused on melee combat and stealth

In Ghost of Tsushima we play a young warrior named Jin Sakai in the midst of the invasion of Japan by the Mongols in the year 1274.

It is a story in which we will be involved in a moral dilemma, as to save his people, Jin is forced to use tactics that go against the little honorable values that have been instilled in him since childhood, gradually becoming a ghost.

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Genre: Adventure/Action

Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive title in which we embody a bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic world full of beings called infected.

We will live an exciting story in an open world with top-notch graphics and situations that will make us sweat and get into the role.

If you like open worlds, third-person action and zombies you will enjoy this game.

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Genre: Adventure/Action

Hideo Kojima’s new work puts us in the shoes of a man with a great role in a dystopian world full of mysteries, surprises and unforgettable moments.

You should know that this adventure hasa great cinematic component in the sense that much of its charm is the story and the moments of revelations that hook you to the controller for hours.

So if you are willing to live a different, but brilliant adventure do not hesitate to buy Death Stranding.

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Genre: Skate

Fans of the legendary Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater are celebrating, and is that we can finally enjoy one of the most addictive games of the first Playstation with an impeccable facelift and exquisite gameplay.

This double title is a remake of the first two games of the Tony Hawk saga, with all the scenarios and characters, with some added challenges and a section to play the community maps.

If you liked the titles in their day, this one will surpass your memories and if you simply did not play them and you like the arcade skateboarding genre, do not hesitate to give it a chance because it is a very well-made and addictive game.

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CALL OF DUTY Modern Warfare

Genre: Shooter

The new installment of the legendary Call of Duty saga, returns to its beginnings in style, with a great campaign that we missed in previous installments, a multiplayer with an impeccable technical aspect.

If you are a fan of first-person shooter, this is the game that aims higher today, so do not hesitate to buy it.

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Genre: Adventure/Action

We start with a Playstation 4 exclusive that took in 2018 the Game of the Year Award (GOTY). It is the new adventure of Kratos, where we are going to live the story of redemption of this god accompanied by his son.

It is a 3rd person game where we will visit a landscape based on Norse mythology, with stunning graphics and focused on melee combat. It is a delightful game both graphically and playable, so if you like story adventures mixed with melee combat, this is certainly an option of 10.

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Genre: Adventure/Shooter

Uncharted 4 is another PS4 exclusive. This game was highly anticipated to see what Naughty Dog (Game Developer Company) was capable of doing with the Playstation 4, and it did not disappoint: An adventure game that immerses you through outrageous graphics and an elaborate story.

This game is the closest thing to living a movie worthy of Hollywood. It is an adventure in which you will have to face a series of enemies with a clean shot. It has many impressive moments that the production quality makes you glued to the screen to know how the story continues.

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Genre: Sports

We are in front of the most solid delivery of the current generation. FIFA 21 leaves a great taste in our mouths with that polished gameplay that year after year have been improving the people of Electronic Arts.

In addition, this installment brings as an added Volta Football, a return of street soccer to FIFA, which suits you wonderfully, to enjoy a casual and fun pachanga.

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Genre: Adventure/Action

Rockstar is one of the companies that put more care to their games and has again demonstrated with this Red Dead Redemption II. A story that immerses us in the Western with an indecent amount of details that make it really seem a living world.

We will become Arthur Morgan to live an adventure with our band in an audiovisual spectacle, created with an ambition never seen before, which also has multiplayer mode.

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Genre: Adventure/Action

Horizon Zero Dawn is another great game exclusive to PS4. An adventure in which we embody an outcast in a hostile environment dominated by robots and tribes.

It is a story in which we wake up in a future where technology has wiped out almost everything and the human race has returned to a more primitive era. The game is dominated by third-person action where the bow is your best ally, but also the way in which you decide to approach your enemies, mostly robots in the form of animals.

It has a stealth component that will make you think well your moves before acting.

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Genre: Combat

The King of fighting games is Mortal Kombat. It is for its unquestionable trajectory that has been polishing the formula to offer us an incredible combat system that will give rise to the most intense games.

It also has a multiplayer mode so you can measure with your friends or with other players on the Internet and take your skill to the next level.

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Genre: Adventure/Action

Grand Theft Auto V transports you to a plot of drugs and crime, where you will control 3 characters in a very well narrated and interesting story that leaves us the craziest and funniest moments of the generation.

In the story mode there are a series of chapters where you will feel like a real gangster, being able to follow the main story or dedicate yourself to play around the city, sowing chaos.

It also has a multiplayer mode where you can find a lot of crazy situations with your friends or other players from the Internet community.

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Genre: Adventure/Sequel

It is no coincidence to find here The Last of us Remastered. An improved version of the Last of us born in the previous generation, which has earned a place in the current one.

With the facelift so good they have done in Naughty Dog, we will live a story in an apocalyptic world dominated by infected creatures recreated in an outstanding way. With many moments of tension and a story with a narrative of 10.

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Genre: Adventure/Action

I couldn’t make this list without putting inside one of the masterpieces that From Software has left us on PS4 (like BloodBorne or Dark Souls 3).

If of the 3 I have chosen this one is because I consider it the best. A game for those looking for a challenge, with a high difficulty based on the BEST BODY TO BODY COMBAT that a server has experienced in a video game. Those who come to Sekiro come to master an incredible combat system and defeat a large number of bosses in a feudal Japan setting more than achieved.

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Genre: Adventure

I’ve saved this game for last as the last thing to put on the cake: the icing.

This game by Fumito Ueda could not be described as anything other than a work of art from head to toe. It is a fantasy adventure in which we accompany a strange giant creature that seems to have a real life of its own. An incredible setting in which we immerse ourselves to escape from a castle of sorts, and that’s as far as I can read.

If you are thinking of buying The Last Guardian you have to be eager to live an incredible story and get caught by its setting, which proposes some very intelligent and well-measured challenges in its environment, beyond the pure and simple action.

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Evaluation criteria for the list

In order to elaborate these lists of the best Video Games of each platform, in La Guía del Mando we rely on titles that stand out in certain elements.

Gameplay mechanics

This is undoubtedly one of the most important sections, because a good game has to have a good gameplay. It is the way the title interacts with the player, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it simply has to implement the mechanics that are proposed to the player in a well executed way.

To give a couple of examples; what would be a boxing game where you can’t throw a good hook at your opponent or dodge his punches? or how good would a game that wants you to identify with its character be if the choices you are allowed to make have no effect on the course of the game?


In the same way, a good story is not necessarily long or complicated, it is enough that it is well narrated and has no inconsistent gaps in its approach.


Another important point is the technical aspect, the game has to look good (resolution) and has to be able to show a rate of images per second that does not take you out of the experience.


The length of the game has to be consistent with its story. Here we penalize artificially stretched games by repeating the same missions over and over again.

In the same way there are cases that for production reasons have lacked a little bit of duration, being seen in the last sections of the game, as the knots exposed at the beginning of the same one pass in a hasty way to finish. Everything has to have its time.

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