The must-have PS4 Accessories

Here we are going to list some of the accessories that will best complement our console and make the most of our gaming time.

There are non-slip grips for the controller, with exclusive colors and drawings, joystick lifters, custom shelves for our games, headphones or gaming chairs among other accessories.

External hard drive for PS4

In the case of Sony’s console, PS4 introduced the option of using an external hard drive in its 4.50 system update, something highly demanded among users since, if we do not have the exclusive PS4 PRO edition of 2Tb, the maximum capacity of PS4 is 1Tb.

As for the requirements that our external hard drive must meet, Sony specifies the following:

  • Our PS4 must have software update 4.5 or later.
  • Capacity from 250 Gb to 8Tb.
  • To have a USB 3.0 port.

It should also be noted that in this hard drive we will not be able to save application data, screenshots, themes or videos.

Grip Command

The Grips have mainly 2 aspects, the functional, which allows us to grip the controller with more confidence and avoiding slips and the aesthetic, which allows us to give a layer of customization to our gamepad.

Grip Joysticks

The joysticks also have two points of improvement thanks to the grip, they can turn the stick into convex or concave and in addition we can also modify the height of our joysticks to find the most comfortable way to play.

Strike Pack Levers FPS Dominator Mod

Levers Strike Pack FPS Dominator Mod

If you want to have a cheap competitive controller, the Strike Pack FPS Dominator Mod is a very good option.

This device connects to the USB port of the controller and attaches to it leaving two levers in the rear area like any other scuf competitive controller on the market.

The interesting thing about this Strike Pack Mod is that in addition to providing us with the famous competitive rear levers, it also brings with it some features that give you an advantage in shooters; rapid fire, burst fire, drop shot, quick scope or auto run, which can make, for example, that a semi-automatic weapon becomes automatic by leaving the trigger pressed.

It also has button mapping on the levers, i.e., you choose which button you want to be replicated on them, which gives you great configurability.

All in all it is a great device to make your controller become a top competitive controller.

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PS4 is compatible with any headset with a mini-jack or Bluetooth connection. This opens up a range of possibilities from basic headsets that allow us to communicate with our friends while playing online, to surround sound headsets that will get us right into any game.

The official PS4 headset is the Sony Gold, but we also have good alternatives.

Trigger Extenders

These trigger extenders make it more comfortable for you to press the triggers and hold the controller in a more comfortable position. Many of the custom controllers incorporate this feature.

USB Cable

If you’re sick of every time you download your controller you have to stand in front of the screen because the cable that comes with your console is 1 meter long, check out these longer cables that allow you to keep playing from the same distance.

Charging station

This is nothing more and nothing less than some nice charging stations for our controllers to become a decorative object in the room while charging, a nice sculpture for every gamer at heart.

Game Rack

Check out these cabinets designed exclusively for gaming, so you can store them in an orderly fashion and you can add a gamer touch to your room, which is something that never hurts.

Sony – Dual Shock 4 Rear Button

Sony - Dual Shock 4 Rear Button

From Sony itself comes this must-have accessory for gamers who want to level up in competitive multiplayer, such as Fortnite.

This accessory attaches to the back of the DualShock 4 controller (or some ps4 controller that has the same housing) leaving at our fingertips two rear levers that can replicate the button that we want.

Having 2 rear cams allows us to perform actions like charging or jumping without having to lift our thumbs from the joysticks, allowing us to do things like jumping and aiming at the same time in multiplayer games.

This accessory has an OLED screen that in addition to showing which button we are going to replicate, also acts as a button to put the joysticks in remapping mode. We can save up to 3 profiles with different configurations.

Finally, it also includes a 3.5mm audio connection so as not to lose the headphone connection.

EXtremeRate modification kit

eXtremeRate modification kit

Finally I bring this modification pack that turns your Dualshock 4 into a competitive controller (scuf). The kit includes a rear casing with anti-slip grip with the holes prepared to put the rear buttons, the chip that controls the rear buttons, as well as the buttons themselves.

Attention, if you are thinking of buying this kit you have to know that you have to assemble it yourself, that is, open the controller and dig a little into its components, but if the idea appeals to you, do not worry, there is an excellent video-guide from the manufacturer that explains how to do it.

A very important and positive aspect of the pack is that the buttons are reprogrammable, ie, you choose which button is the one you want to replicate in the rear area, so it opens a range of possibilities for configuration, considering that most custom controllers sold by other companies bring you the default buttons without the option to remap them.

Another great advantage is that it comes with 4 extra buttons, when normally scuf controllers usually have 2 buttons.

I can’t overlook that the built-in case comes with a non-slip grip, a very important feature that makes this a great quality product.

All in all it is a very complete and economical pack which to take into account if you are not afraid to open the casing of your own controller to turn it into a competitive ps4 controller.

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