The must-have Nintendo Switch Accessories

Gamers at heart always need a little more than the more casual gamers, a little touch of customization of our devices and here we can find the ones that best suit us.

Nintendo Switch hit the market in 2017 with a new concept of hybrid console, to play in desktop or portable mode and it is for that very reason that it opened a range of accessories that sometimes become essential or that simply offer us some comforts.

Carrying case

This is a must for the transport of our console. From this selection I recommend the cases with more space inside if what you want is to transport cables and games as well as the console. If not, then you also have some cases that fit our Switch perfectly, besides being more economical.

Gaming Case

The advantage of the games being such small cartridges is that we can transport them in holders similar to a chocolate bar, although as you may already know these cartridges contain a pretty bad tasting coating so that the little ones don’t eat the games.

Screen support

This accessory is great especially for those who want to take a game on a plane or train ride, because with this support you avoid dropping the console. It is true that the Switch already has a leg to stand on, but it is quite unstable, plus it only has a single position.


The Nintendo console allows you to connect any headset with mini-jack connection to your Switch, so the choice of headset model to use is up to the consumer. If on the other hand you want to use a wireless headset with Bluetooth connection on the Nintendo machine, it will be necessary to purchase a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter.

We have a selection with the best Nintendo Switch headphones where we review more in depth several opcinoes.

Screen Protector

Another must-have accessory for our beloved laptop. Here I’m going to leave you both plastic protectors and tempered glass, although I’m going to make you a note in case you are not clear which of the two systems decantarte.

The Nintendo Switch screen is made of plastic and not tempered glass, which means that it can be scratched more easily. The tempered glass in principle is more resistant to scratches than the plastic protector, but in case we drop the console to the ground and the tempered glass is cracked, we run the risk that one of the cracked areas of the tempered glass will scratch the plastic screen of our Switch, so I recommend always using the plastic protector.

Laptop gaming grip holder

This accessory may not seem indispensable to you, until you use it. Thanks to this support for the console, gaming sessions on a laptop become much more comfortable, since the ergonomics are improved and you can avoid hand pain by having them in an unnatural position to hold the console.

Grips for joy-con, pro controller and console

With this accessory we greatly improve the ergonomics of the joy-con in individual mode turning each joy-con into a mini-controller with a more natural grip for our hands. It is very useful for when we are playing in local multiplayer mode with a friend and we share the two joy-con.

I have also included in this list some grips for the pro controller and for the console in handheld mode.

Steering wheel

This fun accessory is useful to take advantage of some driving games like Mario Kart, which use the gyroscope to move the character on screen.

Grip joystick

These rubber covers for the joy-con help the grip of our thumb with the joystick, in addition to being a decorative element to have the console customized to our liking.

Charging station, gaming stand and controllers

Here I bring you some accessories that make our console a decorative element for our room. We can see stands that also charge our console and/or controllers and other stations that also have compartment for our beloved Nintendo Switch games.

Alternative Dock

One of the points that have caused more controversy since the launch of the console is the so-called Dock, through which we officially load the console and controllers.

Some users have complained that this Dock has caused scratches on the screen, others simply say they do not like the design, which is why many companies have taken the opportunity to release their own version of the Dock.

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