Rogue-Like must-have games

Today we come to talk about something important.

There is a genre of video games that has been going strong for a few years and is in great shape, we are talking about the Rogue-Like. Roughly speaking, in these games each game is different from the previous one because the levels are generated procedurally (randomly) by an algorithm.

I can tell you that all the titles on this list are highly addictive games

Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne
Platforms: PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PSVITA

Nuclear Throne is a bullet-hell that carries the essence of arcade in its DNA.

With a graphic section based on pixel-art we will get into the skin of some hungry creatures to sew bullets to the enemies that are generated by several worlds until the final boss; the Throne.

Each creature has a special ability and to start we have Fish that has the ability to roll with a somersault and improve its movement and we will also have available to Crystal, with the ability to create a shell with a duration of about 1 second to protect us from bullets.

The great Pep Sanchez showing his skillz

The other creatures will be unlocked as we advance in the worlds, in which there are secret areas that contain a Lore only visible to the eyes of those who have bothered to find certain secrets.

A special affection is noted in the sensations transmitted by the weapons, which could remind us of the mythical and forceful sounds of the Metal Slug weapons.

Each world is guarded by a boss, which we will reach after 2 or 3 phases. In each screen we will be collecting radiation parts to fill a tank and every time we pass a level, if we have filled the tank bar, we will have available a mutation that will give us a skill like Impact Wrists, which makes the enemies we kill bounce around the screen doing damage to everything on the screen.

The game is full of secrets and replayability is as infinite as its Rogue-Like essence, as there is a mode in which if you complete the first run, you can enter a loop with the same worlds but different enemies and bosses, but that’s for when the hook is real.

Great game.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon
Platforms: PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / XBOX ONE

Enter the Gungeon is also a bullet hell, with which we enter The Gungeon, a dungeon in which we go down floor by floor with the aim of finding a device to change the past and be able to correct the mistakes we have made.

With a very well cared pixel-art aesthetic, we get into the skin of a hero. We can unlock up to 4 different heroes, each with their own weapons and initial abilities, although they only make a difference in the first levels until we reach the store, and they all share the dodge.

The final bosses will put us in some trouble, making our gameplay is perfected in each game.

A run can last about half an hour of gameplay, but to complete it we will need to have a few hours behind us to gather a minimum of skill that allows us to make our way.

As we progress we unlock some items such as the store or the option to start our games skipping the second floor in our adventure.

Enter The Gungeon is a pretty demanding game, but that’s what we came here for. To test our skill and enjoy with random levels in which luck plays an important role that determines to some extent the difficulty that we will find in the game.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells
Platforms: PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / XBOX ONE / iOS

Dead Cells is another great game that has managed to combine 2 great genres; Metroidvania + Roguelike in an action adventure with 2D palataforming.

This title has given a twist to the overall progression in the RogueLike formula, as there are areas where we can permanently improve the character and this makes the feeling of progress accompanies the feeling of mastering and understanding better and better how everything works.

However, we must not forget that, like the other titles on the list, if we die we return to the starting point.

During our games we will kill enemies to get cells, which we can also find in chests. These cells will serve as currency in the stores that appear in the levels in which we will improve our weapons to reach the final boss with a well chetada build.

In each area we will find a variety of enemies and bosses that we will face through a very well measured and precise combat system that combined with the audiovisual section of first makes this game a delight and how could it be otherwise you run the risk of sticking a hook at epic level.

If you manage to defeat the final boss, you will get a cell to increase the overall difficulty of your games one more point. In this way, the most hardcore gamers are assured of replayability by increasing the risk/reward factor.

In short, it’s a very well-made game.


Platforms: PC / Nintendo Switch

That we have not yet talked about Hades does not mean that it could not be perfectly TOP of the list, but most of them could be, that said, let’s see what brings us this title.

Hades is a game that you look where you look at it, it has it all.

We will put ourselves in the shoes of Zagreo, son of Hades, who tired of being all his life in the underworld decides to disobey his father and embark on a journey to the outside, and for this he will have to make his way through several areas of the underworld to reach the surface, each with several phases and guarded by a god.

It is obvious that the artistic and technical section is very well cared for.

The combat is very precise and fun, since in each run we are going to make a build with different powers (those who have touched us) and we will face the situation in a thousand ways.

One of the things that have hooked me the most about Hades is its progression system, as it makes each game very fun and different with each blessing of the gods that we receive. These blessings give us powers to face the enemies.

There is also aglobalprogressionthat works through fragments of darkness and other items that we collect in our game. When we die and return to the underworld we can spend these items to permanently upgrade Zagreo and our weapons.

Another aspect in which Hades stands out is the story, which never ceases to surprise with new dialogues in each run, gradually revealing the history of Hades, Zagreo and the gods of the Underworld and Olympus. If at any time you get stuck in an area and what you want is to continue discovering the rest of the story, you can activate an easy mode called god mode.

Just to add that this list is not in order because otherwise Hades would be in the TOP.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2
Platforms: PC / PS4

Spelunky 2 is the refinement of a formula that could be defined in 2 words: more and better.

The first Spelunky laid certain foundations in the roguelite genre: permanent death, random generation of levels for each game and above all a difficulty not suitable for softies.

In this title we play Ana, who is the daughter of the main character of the previous installment, and accompanied by her dog we go on an adventure with the aim of finding her parents, who have disappeared overnight.

Chiconuclear is a great videogame journalist

Do not be fooled by the friendly appearance of Spelunky 2, because it is a game that will put you on the ropes again and again, here a mistake is expensive and if you get into the adventure you will pay more than one.

Our life is measured in hearts and our way to face the enemies is with a whip, we also have a rope to reach the highest areas. We are going to find a lot of different enemies, bosses and weapons that give a great variety to the game.

In each world there are a lot of traps and enemies and maybe at first you have the feeling that everything goes too fast and does not give you time to react, because…. Have I already told you that you’re going to die a lot? But with each game you learn something new and little by little you understand what happens on each screen and you face the situation with more security.

If you like challenges, Spelunky 2 is your game.

The binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac
Platforms: PC / PS4 / PS3 / PSVITA / Nintendo Switch / Wii U / 3DS / XBOX ONE / iOS

The Binding of Isaac is another of the benchmarks of the genre that took the RogueLike formula out of the oven, because although it came out in 2011, it has been receiving expansions year by year becoming a very polished formula and with a large legion of followers.

As of today, the expansion that includes all the improvements is Afterbirth+.

In this title we embody Isaac to try to escape from a test of faith in which our mother has been involved, who claims to have spoken to God and God has told her that her son has been corrupted by sin, so she locks him in a room and isolates him from the world. The story is somewhat complex and has some dark touches, so you’re bound to see some turds around, but hey, pixels don’t stain at the moment.

The game takes place between rooms that are connected by doors and in each of them we have to clear the room of enemies. We will defend ourselves by shooting, planting the bombs that we find along the way and using the items.

Along the way we will find a lot of bosses, different enemies, alternative endings and versions of Isaac with different powers.

Like all the other games on the list, each game is unique because it is procedurally generated.

And of course, it’s a difficult and addictive game in equal parts.


Platforms: PC / PS4 / PSVITA / Nintendo Switch / XBOX ONE / iOS / Android

And to finish this selection we have Downwell, a game as unique as straightforward.

In Downwell we embody a young man who throws himself down a well in search of hidden treasures with the only protection of his rubber boots.

The mechanics are simple, we have a button to jump, one to shoot and the cross to move around the screen. We go down, killing enemies, getting weapons and life until we reach the end.

As we advance through the depths of the well, between screens we will have to choose upgrades for our character, such as a jetpack or improve the weapon that we carry at that time.

The difficulty increases as we go down the well and as we eliminate enemies we accumulate gems and our bullets increase in size.

Downwell is an arcade roguelite with simple but effective mechanics.

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